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Tim and Tonah are life partners who live on beautiful Whidbey Island. Their home studio is tucked away in the country, surrounded by trees and filled with wildlife. They stumbled upon the idea of creating cedar story poles for their own garden several years ago and fell in love with the process and the product. Every story pole they create is entirely unique. Each pole is solid, premium cedar. All the poles are painted using the highest quality artist acrylics so the colors are bright and long lasting. Both artists love the natural patterns that emerge as they paint directly on wood. They have branched out into creating hangable wall art painted on wood and now offer both story poles for the garden and wall art for the home. Many of their pieces are carved or have been created using mixed media techniques which produce interesting textures and complexity. Their themes are eclectic and varied, often rooted in nature…but there are exceptions! They are always coming up with something new!

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