BOHO Art by Potter

ART for your home & garden

BOHO Art by Potter creates visually brilliant and original art on wood. The artists, Tim & Tonah Potter, use archival quality acrylic paints, carving, embossing and wood-burning to bring rich color and texture to their works. Please explore the two gallery pages on this website to discover their whimsical and wonderful art. The Story Poles page presents their vertical art creations, painted on solid cedar and finished with marine quality spar varnish to allow the poles to be displayed safely in outdoor settings. The Wall Art page presents their hangable art, painted on solid pieces of fir or pine and finished with a durable varnish that will protect the pieces from moderate exposure should they be displayed on a covered porch or other semi-outdoor setting.

Art “Polettes” (small story poles that go just about anywhere!)
Themes from Morocco (with Wolfie the cat!)